Our students have life-changing experiences through improv.  Read what current Level 5 student Jeremy Logan had to say on his improv blog about ColdTowne classes and our community:

“This sense of community is what has kept me there for 8 months now…The theater has come to define my life since I started there, improv and sketch comedy has become an obsession for me. I can’t get enough reading or watching of improv, I’m constantly hearing about troupes I need to check out and such, and I’m meeting a ton of new people in Austin through workshops and new sessions starting at Coldtowne every 8 weeks. And the one thing that keeps me there and keeps me coming back is the ability to

perform at the theater so much and being able to perform with all the people associated with the theater. Coldtowne Theater, and to a slightly slightly lesser extent the improv community, have meant so much to me and my life since I began that I can’t imagine the last 8 months without them. If there is one major regret in my life it is the fact that I wish I had heard of this amazing place when I first moved to Austin, just so I could have had 6 more months to take it in as much as possible before I moved. To wrap up I would just like to send my thanks out to Arthur Simone, Justin York, and Michael Jastroch for starting and maintaining something that has meant so much to so many people, and for creating something that changed my life for the better. Thank You.”

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You can read more about Jeremy’s experience with improv on his blog.  Rock-n-roll.