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on your improv

ColdTowne Theater offers elective courses with community leaders and guest instructors, sometimes on niche topics, always with goal of offering improvisers a fun path towards well-roundedness. Now available:

Unconditional Support: The Spirit of JTS Brown w/Peter Grosz (March 1)

Foolish Freedom: Clown Level 1 w/CB Goodman (March 23 & 24)

The Inner Game of Improv w/Michael Jastroch (starting March 26)

PETER GROSZ has been teaching improvisation and writing at various theaters across America for the last 20 years. He was a founding member of the experimental improv groups JTS Brown, 4 Square and 2 Square. He has written for The Colbert Report, Late Night With Seth Meyers and At Home With Amy Sedaris, and had the good fortune to win two Emmys, three WGA awards and a Peabody. He just wrapped up a run of the play Goodnight, Oscar starring Sean Hayes on Broadway. On screens you’ve seen him in The Menu, Veep, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The President Show, and more. You can hear him on Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me on NPR and he was in a few commercials for Sonic drive-in, but only for 18 years so you might have missed them. Follow him on all socials at @petergrosz.


How can you become a both more confident improviser AND a better scene partner and teammate? The answer to both questions is the same. Unconditional Support. In this workshop, Peter Grosz will use the principles developed in the shows JTS Brown, 4 Square and 2 Square to get you to recommit to the basic principle of “Yes And” and help you unlock your sense of freedom and play. He’ll show you how getting out of your head and supporting the moves of your fellow players can be accomplished at the same time. Through a combination of individual and group exercises he’ll create the space for experimentation, risk and a ton of fun. Come shake off the cobwebs and rediscover the joy of improvisation.


Friday, March 1st
12pm – 3pm

CB GOODMAN is the Founding Director of Grackle Jack Productions based in Austin, Texas. Her work incorporates disparate source materials, clown, bouffon, drag, physical theatre, and puppetry and has been presented at venues in Austin, New Orleans, Charlotte, Atlanta, and New York City. Her current show, In The Beginning received Best Clown, Top Grossing, and the Jill Miersch Award at the 2023 Frigid New York Fringe. CB has trained with clown teachers Philippe Gaulier, Aitor Basauri, Mick Barnfather, and Shannan Calcutt as well as theatre companies Complicité, Atlantic Theatre Company, and SITI Company. She has been teaching clown infused classes since 2014, winning the Teaching Award at Southwestern University in 2020. She also directs and designs for local colleges and theatre companies.

an intro to clown

Get out of your head and into your ridiculous in this 2-day clown intensive where we learn how to embrace failure, share vulnerability, take big risks, live and respond in the moment, and connect with the audience, all the while laughing till our face hurts. We will investigate entrances and exits, solo and ensemble work, the power of costumes and props, and the joyous freedom that comes when we play the fool. 

This class is for folks of all experience levels who are ready to take their comedic practice to the next level in a supportive and creative environment.

March 23 & 24, 12pm – 4pm

MICHAEL JASTROCH is a comedic actor, writer, and improv instructor, formerly based out of Austin, TX, and presently living his “Van Life” dream of traveling the country and working out of Walmart Parking lots. As one of the founders of ColdTowne Theater and a member of the seminal improv groups ColdTowne and The Frank Mills, Michael has won several awards for his work, including “Best Comedy Group ” in the Austin Chronicle Reader’s poll and the B. Iden Payne award for “Outstanding Improv Ensemble.” His improv and sketch comedy podcast Victrola! was named one of Austin’s “Best Comedy Podcasts” and nominated by Austin Chronicle readers as one of the city’s best comedy groups. Michael has taught improv comedy for the last seventeen years and has been nominated and won “Best Improv Teacher” and “Best Improv Coach” a whole bunch. He’s taught his improv workshops all over the country, including at the Magnet Theater in NYC, the Oberlin College Improv Festival, The Oklahoma Improv Festival, the Phoenix Improv Festival, The Dallas Comedy Fest, The Alaska State Improv Fest, and the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival in Chapel Hill.


Prerequisite: Level 2 or higher in an established improv school.

Most performers have a little voice in the back of their heads
analyzing and judging the moves they’re making as if they have a
terrible little improv teacher perched on their shoulder telling them
what to do (best case) or berating them for being terrible at improv
(worst case). This is the experience of “being in your head,” bringing
the analytical/problem-solving mind to bear in situations where it
hinders peak performance – what athletes call choking. 

Improv scenes are not problems that need to be analyzed and solved
but rather experiences to be had. The more fully present and invested we
are in them, the richer and more memorable they’ll be. Through a series
of physical and mental exercises in this six-week course, students will
develop mindfulness practices that will help them turn down the volume
on their inner critic, become more attuned to the imaginary worlds
they’re creating on stage, and be more active, present, and playful in
their scenes.

March 26 – April 30, 8pm – 10pm