beginner improv
levels 1-2
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Spontaneity. Playfulness. Listening. Trust. Honesty.

Learn the basic fundamentals of improv comedy and meet cool new people in the process! Our courses are designed to help students unlock their inner creativity in a fun and supportive environment. Whether you want to learn more about the comedic process to become a better writer/actor/performer, or you just want to loosen up and improve your communication skills while becoming more comfortable in your own skin, the lessons of improv we teach work to build your confidence both on-stage and off. This class will teach you how to celebrate who you are and to find truth in comedy through a series of improv and acting exercises that focus on honesty, spontaneity, playfulness, and saying “yes, and.”

Mondays at 6pm
starting June 5th

AMY KNOP (she/her) has been a prolific performer and producer of improv at ColdTowne since 2016, including as B. Iden Payne-nominated director of "My Own Worst Enemy", "It's Britney, Bitch", and producer of sold-out runs of "Angola," "Old Love," "The Rose," and more. She is a graduate of ColdTowne Conservatory and Advanced Studies programs and performs regularly with Prayer Circle Comedy (Denver Improv Fest, Dallas Comedy Festival, Big Little Comedy Fest). Amy has been in weekly cast for Sweet Lightning, Pioneers, and several ColdTowne mainstages, and a festival director of Austin Sketch Fest since 2019 (but most significantly, captain of the still-reigning champs of Improv Fantasy League, H-E-Bees 2018). She loves the ColdTowne community and wants to welcome you into it!

Tuesdays at 8pm
starting May 30th

TIANA STUART (she/her) is an actress, musician, writer, and director hailing from the Chili’s at 45th and Lamar (probably). Tiana discovered a love for improv comedy when she lived in Amsterdam from 2016-2019 where she studied long-form improv at the world renowned Boom Chicago under Michael Orton-Toliver who combined curriculums from both Boom Chicago and London’s The Free Association. Learning and performing an Armando really helped ease the disappointment of her bike being stolen (even though she totally used two locks)! She then moved back to Austin, TX where she graduated Coldtowne Theater’s conservatory program in 2022. You can now catch her goofing around with Coldtowne's house team Dr. Jack along with her other teams: Switchblade, The Racket, and Big Hug. Tiana co-wrote and directed Twinsies, a comedic short-film that has garnered 19 award nominations and 4 wins, including Best Comedy at the Austin Indie Fest and is still currently making rounds in the film festival circuit. Tiana also recently signed on as a producer of the Lysistrata Women's Comedy Festival, a four-day comedy festival celebrating the collective power of women. She can be seen in HBO's upcoming limited-series, Love and Death, episode 5 (unless they cut her scene which would be an even bigger disappointment than when her bike got stolen).

Saturdays at 1pm
starting June 3rd

KEYLAN HAYNES is an Austin based actor and a graduate of ColdTowne Theater. He has taught in ColdTowne’s wonderful youth program, Excused Absence, and is a part of the B. Iden Payne award-winning improv troupe Sugar Water Purple.


Prerequisite: Must have taken an improv class at ColdTowne or elsewhere.

Strengthen your two person scenes using characters, relationships, and finding & playing “The Game.”

Building on the fundamentals from Level 01, students will begin to practice skills and techniques that strengthen their scenes and characters. Concepts will be introduced to help create deeper characters and relationships more quickly, while keeping things fun! Students will learn how to identify patterns within their scenes to create “The Game”: the engine that drives comedy in an improvised scene or sketch. This class includes a student performance!

Tuesdays at 6pm
starting May 30th

ANTHONY ELLISON spent 9 years in Chicago writing, performing, teaching, etc. After dozens of sketch shows at Second City, Annoyance, CiC, he began to seek guidance in longer comedy within structure. He received an MFA in “The Art of Dramatic Structure”, and won the Scott McPherson Playwriting Award, while also directing for the OU Comedy Org - Black Sheep/Six to Midnight. His plays have been produced in Chicago, NYC, Austin, Liverpool, Athens OH, Muncie IN, and a lot more.

Wednesdays at 8pm
starting May 31st

DANI GONZALEZ is a comedian based in Austin, Texas. She is a 2017 graduate of ColdTowne's program and has been performing ever since. She is a current member of Midnight Society, one of Austin's longest-running troupes, and has been a member of troupes such as Say Uncle, Stool Pigeon, and Prima Donas (Latinuats) to name a few. She has performed in multiple festivals with her sketch and improv groups.