As entertainers and celebrities Duran & Johnson have an obligation to tell the world their opinions on the most important issues of the day. The world, however, is very confusing, and they’re too busy to learn what’s going on in the conventional ways. Books? Too long! The internet? Too many distracting links. T.V.? Mostly screaming and name calling.

Instead, Duran & Johnson have decided to hold a series of “special sessions” each Thursday at 8:30 pm in October to get to the bottom of some contentious issues. But rather than listen to a bunch of boring speakers present “facts” and “statistics,” they’ve invited some of the smartest and funniest people in Austin to explain what all of this yelling and protesting is about through sketches, videos, stand-up, and improv comedy.

Once Duran & Johnson have soaked in all of their “entertestimony,”™ they’ll try to summarize the issues through an improv set of their own. Finally, rather than Duran and Johnson having the last word, they’ll have their guest performers evaluate them to let them know if they actually get it.

Thursdays at 8:30 in October. $5 and BYOB.

Duran & Johnson’s Special Sessions will cover:

Week 1: Women’s Rights and Gender Equality
Week 2: Race, Ethnicity, and the Changing Face of Texas
Week 3*: Sexual Politics
Week 4: Threats to Privacy
Week 5: The Economic Great Divide

*Duran and Johnson’s Oct. 17 show will be part of ColdTowne’s 7th Anniversary Comedy Marathon Celebration. To buy a pass for that evening’s shows, click here.