image1There is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your show get a spot on ColdTowne’s calendar and this is one you won’t want to miss.

The one thing we wanted to demonstrate when we were planning this variety show: the bluest comedy that Austin has to offer, displayed at its highest intelligence. A taboo joke is often at best the laziest route to a laugh; at its worst, it can be an offensive reinforcement of hate. In a vacuum, however, there is no reason a fart joke cannot be as smart as one about quantum mechanics. We see the beauty in the raunchy comedy being crafted by some of the best comedians in Austin and want to showcase it with Pure Unadulterated Filth: a variety show coming to ColdTowne Theater, September 23rd at 11:30 pm.

Sex, drugs, farts, death, politics, race, and gender are among the ledges that P.U.F. wants to challenge Austin comedians to step out onto. A good comedian can take a topic that is isolating and make it relatable, allowing those things that are dark within all of us to be more safely approachable. Reductress pretty much did all of the work of proving our point with their recent day dedicated to addressing rape; dozens of articles about sexual assault struck at the heart of something unspeakably dark with beautifully pointed satire. Whether your comedy punches up expertly at the power structures in place or seeks to delight with the underbelly of human vulnerability, we want to showcase the best this town has to offer.

We believe that blue comedy is so much more than lazy jokes that attack vulnerable groups of people, and then hide behind free speech — decrying the PC nature of modern society — when faced with criticism. Comedians performing at P.U.F. shows don’t hide. They stand tall behind the comedy they have created, because they have worked hard to craft a voice which can deftly address topics that most find uncomfortable. So, in the end what does this all mean? Have conviction, above all else. Even in the face of a fart joke.

Our Pure Unadulterated Filth variety showcase features standup from Christina Parrish, sketch from Pendulum and improv from Toxic Chakra. It’s a powerhouse show. Friday September 23rd, 11:30 pm. Tickets will sell out.

– Pure Unadulterated Filth is a show by Kara King and Will Dwyer