GYB We’re proud to announce the debut of Got Your Back, a new podcast hosted by ColdTowne Artistic Director Cody Dearing and performer K.C. Harvey Taylor!

From Cody, “We talk to improvisers, writers, stand-up comedians…anyone with the DIY spirit that is doing their own thing in comedy. We hope that by listening to our interviews that our audience gains insight to a variety of aspects about the comedic process, and feels empowered to make their own content.”

Episode #1 with Michael Jastroch (co-owner of ColdTowne, member of The Frank Mills)

Episode #2 with Courtney Sevener (director of Boy Band, member of The Ladies and The Hustle Show)

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More from Cody, “We also hope to highlight some of the talent in Austin that is consistently putting out high quality content not only at ColdTowne but across the city. Austin has a healthy and diverse comedy scene, and I think it gets stronger the more the different sects communicate and work together. We’re excited to focus on all the different types of comedy Austin has to offer, and to get in depth with comedians to find out where they come from and what their process is like.”

In addition to these interviews, each episode will end by sharing some music by a local artist to build on the theme of local support and DYI artist empowerment.