Get outta bed, there’ll be no more nappin’, cus you’ve landed in a place where anything can happen. -Cyndi Mothafuckin Lauper

Anyway, AHOY! Remember when you were a kid and you’d wake up really early on Saturday morning to watch TV?  Sure, there were the cartoons, but the real magic happened when the weirdo adults started talking to the puppets. You remember, c’mon. It was Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. It was a simpler time filled with wonderment, the infinite possibilities of youth, bizarre innuendo, and targeted advertising.  Well, we sure remember, anyway. Or at least we kinda remember. It’s a little fuzzy. Alcohol has happened since then.

Every Thursday in September at 8:30pm, Austin’s only* all-male comedy troupe, Whalehouse, blatantly strip-mines your nostalgia and transforms Coldtowne Theater into PEEWEE’S WHALEHOUSE: A Playhouse of Improv and Sketch Comedy, and Improv Comedy, Also.

Come see the antics they get up to with their pals in Toyboat, some puppets (like “Trashy” the trashcan), and if you get lucky, maybe Ramin Nazer will drop by for Cartoon Break.

What will the word of the day be? You decide. Complimentary milk and cereal to be served in the ColdTowne lobby prior to the show. BYOB. Tickets available here.

*this descriptor is unnecessarily false