15 of the bravest, most fearless comedy improvisers in Austin, Texas have been assembled to work with Dave Buckman, Cody Dearing and Improv Legend Craig Cackowski in mounting a new run of the legendary long form improv format JTS BROWN at ColdTowne Theater. Collectively, they are known as Arkay.

Developed in Chicago in the summer of 1999 by a legendary cast of improvisors in Chicago with direction from Improv Gurus Mick Napier (Annoyance) and Craig Cackowski (Community, Dasariski), the assembled troupe came together for a nine month rehearsal process to develop JTS BROWN: one of the most challenging, and most freeing, longform improv structures you can learn. Or perhaps “structure” is not the right way to put it: a dreamlike montage of free-flowing scenes that bleed into each other, new edits, new scenes structures and a new paradigm in what is possible in long form. JTS Brown is the ultimate in large ensemble trust and support.

For the last 6 weeks a murderer’s row of Austin Improvisational Talent have been learning and rehearsing with Dave Buckman (The Frank Mills, The Second City) and Cody Dearing (ColdTowne Artistic Director) as well as a special workshop from original JTS Brown Director Craig Cackowski to bring this very special performance piece to Austin audiences at ColdTowne Theater for a Month of Thursdays at 8:30pm in May.

The assembled cast consists of

Alex Baia (Oh, Science!)
Frank Netscher (Oh, Science!, What’s the Story Steve?)
Andy Buck (Mandinka, Manhattan Stories)
Namoi Perryman (Cheap Date, Boy Greets World)
Matt Needles (Cheap Date, Boy Greets World)
Michael Jastroch (ColdTowne, The Frank Mills)
Arthur Simone (ColdTowne, Buddy Daddy)
Amy Averett (Girls Girls Girls)
Sarah Marie Curry (Girls Girls Girls, Racket!)
Josh Philips (Tomato Pie, Dervish)
Ashley Franks (Tomato Pie)
Drew Wesley (Nice Astronaut, Who Dack)
Jason Finkelman (The Intentions)
John Brewster (Scout, Goat)
Taylor Oversteet (There’s Waldo)

Directed by
Dave Buckman (The Frank Mills, The Second City)
Cody Dearing (Scout, ColdTowne Artistic Director)
Craig Cackowski (Dasariski, Community, The Second City