Austin Comedy Audiences, prepare for that next big thing. Coldtowne has been making an effort to bring you some of the most well produced, cutting edge comedy. And Coldtowne’s latest project is no different. It was only a matter of time before Coldtowne’s ever-expanding schedule started to look at the one area it had neglected until this point- daytime talk.

Introducing “The Morning Sausage”, a new morning daytime talk show from the minds of the P! Company.

The Morning Sausage with Andy and Kyle is full of witty banter, special guest interviews, games, and all the daytime talk and gossip we can get our hands on. The duo fills their block with bits, improv, and that all important talk- with plenty of kooky characters. It’s all the fun of a daytime talk show with none of the boring parts.

The Morning Sausage features the unique comedic talent of long time friends and collaborators Andy Petruzzo (Midnight Society, P! Company, The Night Show) and Kyle Sweeney (P! Company, The Team). The duo is supported with a who’s who cast of local improviser talent ushering the program beyond all that morning minutia and into the comedy endzone (so to speak).

Regis and Kelly, eat your heart out. Mornings are never going to be the same again.

Wake up, Austin. It’s time for The Morning Sausage with Andy and Kyle – this Thursday, 10pm at Coldtowne Theater. Tickets are $5 and the Sausage is complimentary. Get em here and spread the word to your friends-