The thunder is coming, Austin. Saturday nights in July, ColdTowne Theater’s signature Summer shrimp comedy improv event, the Improv Fantasy League, returns for it’s fourth season! Nine teams will enter. Eight will burn.

Since nothing’s more hilarious than people striving to achieve, only to have their hopes and dreams abandoned on a huge pile of skulls (see poster),  we’re combining our love of arbitrary competition into a month of no holds bared, improv comedy death matches.

Our most recent level 6 class has drafted teams made up of students and performers from across Austin. Each week, teams will duke it out for audience approval. At the top of each show, the audience will have the opportunity to bid actual money on free agents for their favorite teams. At the end of each show, the audience will vote for their favorite team who will then move on to the next round.

Tickets for each show are $10 and can be purchased here. Keep reading for full lineups and brackets!

Week 1 – July 6th

South Congressmen
Arian Brumby (Captain)
Annette Cantu
Ximena Estrada
Katherine Johnson
Matt Needles
Juliet Prather
Ed Reed
Jericho Thorp
Matt Vaught

Hyde Park Homeschoolers
Stacy Bryan (Captain)
Lucas Ayoub
Andy Balinsky
Nicole Beckley
Emma Holder
Katie Moore
Ratliff Ratliff
Matthew Stoner
Sam Van Metre

Barton Creeps
Clint Harris (Captain)
Jennifer Brinlee
Andrew Buck
Steve Harwood
Lance Gilstrap
Maitland Lederer
Jillian Summar
Jeff Whitaker

Week 2 – July 13th

West Campus Washouts
Ben Bazan (Co-Captain)
Jessica Marpe (Co-Captain)
Sarah Coker
Alejandro Garcia
Kristin Henn
Michael Jastroch
Carlos LaRotta
Ali Meier
Courtney Sevener

East Side Gentrifides
Carlyn Hudson (Captain)
Alex Baia
Andrew Basile
Kim Dilling
Cody Edgar
Tre Fuentes
Tim Honker
Joey Thees
Valerie Ward

Dirty 6th Dirtbags
Chrissy Shackelford (Captain)
XJ Coleman
Austin Davison
Daniel Erving
Cortnie Jones
Jeff McMorris
Frank Netscher
Bryan Roberts
Chris Sebilia

Week 3 – July 20th

Westlake Warriors
Jake Millward (Captain)
Addison Billingsley
Jon Bolden
Joseph Dailey
Seth Johnson
Naomi Perryman
Ashley Siebels
Chris Villafano
Grant White

Antone’s Man-Tones
Nathan Sowell (Captain)
Andrion Becker
Will Casto
Scott Hearne
Clifton Highfield
Calan Lambert
Ed Melendez
Drew Wesely
John Woods

Crestview Tang Clan
Javier Ungo (Captain)
Mac Blake
Lacy Cox
Joshua Krilov
Sam Malcolm
Emily McDonald
Ricky Oliphant
Adam Trabka
Timothy Traini