Clear out that 8:30 PM Saturday slot on your June calendars. Dinner with people you don’t even like can wait! Sketch comedy troupe Hot Property (combined credits include Master PancakeMascot WeddingMidnight Society, and Stag Comedy!) brings a month full of comedic fire and brimstone with Development Hell.

Every show will be different because Hot Property never stops writing. They will be constantly updating, trimming, adding, and cutting sketches left and right for you because perfect is never good enough. They will even write sketches before your very eyes!

Tell Siri to make an appointment for Saturday nights in June at 8:30 at the Coldtowne Theater. Nobody soaked in gasoline will be permitted in the theater because this show’s going to be hot!

Tickets Below The Cut:
June 9th at 8:30pm
June 16th at 8:30pm
June 23rd at 8:30pm