What do actors, comedians, musicians, lawyers, software engineers and soccer moms have in common? They’ve all taken our comedy improv classes and can be seen headlining improv shows all over Austin and around the country.

If Austin were the Star Wars universe, ColdTowne Theater would be the Jedi Academy. Except we have more than one Yoda. Also, for this metaphor to work we’d have to assume that improvisers have the force.

In any case, our instructors have taught and directed shows at the country’s biggest comedy institutions and one of them was named Austin’s Best Improv Teacher by the Chronicle.

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Blow Up Your Sketch Comedy w/ Curtis Luciani
Sundays (9/16, 9/23, 9/30), 1-5pm
In sketch comedy, the first step is learning to write a sketch that works. Beat, beat, punchline; heighten it, heighten it, end it. But once you’ve gotten the hang of that, how do you start to make it your own?

Compressing your unique perspective on the world into a five-minute comedy piece isn’t easy. In this three-part workshop, Curtis Luciani (member of Austin sketch mainstays Your Terrific Neighbors) will help you deconstruct your approach to sketch comedy and put it back together. The three sessions will cover finding ideas, writing, and performance, respectively, and the focus will be on helping individual participants develop a sense of their own voice and style.

This session is not an introductory sketch class and is intended for those with at least some comedy experience.