by Janelle Revord

If you have even the slightest, tiniest urge or desire to take classes, you should just jump in with both feet and give it a try; you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. The faculty at ColdTowne do a beyond amazing job of making class the highlight of your week and you end up having so much fun that sometimes you forget that you’re actually learning something and start to question why learning everything else is like lukewarm oatmeal in comparison. Each class makes you want to dive deeper and learn and experience more, and Coldtowne is so amazing because they do

7 nights of shows a week, so if you can’t control your urges and want to see more, you can scratch that itch. There are also several opportunities to perform (yes on stage) even at the earlier levels, and there’s nothing like the feeling of getting up on stage for the first time. You can tailor your experience to be as immersed as you’d like, but the most important part is you made the choice to take the plunge, giving yourself the opportunity for this to be something that you experience.

In taking classes at ColdTowne, I learned a whole lot introspectively about myself, as well as being comfortable in my own skin. There is an overwhelming sense of community at ColdTowne that makes you feel like you’re a part of something immensely great and positive. Everyone I have met and encountered here has further boosted my confidence in just being myself; there hasn’t been a single time where I felt any twinge of judgement or negativity from anyone, it’s just constant reassurance and support all around. I also came to find out that no matter what was going on in my life, I could show up for class and leave in the most energized, amazing mood ever. I once literally had a bad day where I wished that I had class to look forward to that same evening because I knew it would make me feel better (luckily for me though, I had class the day after and it still did the trick). Even in the short amount of time that I have been at ColdTowne, I have made great connections, bonds, and friendships with more people than I can easily count, coming from all different walks of life that I could probably say I might have never had the pleasure of knowing if it wasn’t for ColdTowne bringing everyone together with a shared passion for comedy. A result that I didn’t see coming was with the friendships and relationships that I had outside of ColdTowne before I started taking classes. Everyone seemed to be super impressed at my confidence in my decision just to start taking classes, the fact that this was something that I was actually doing, and how they “wished that this was something they could do,” which, by the way, they totally could if they wanted to, anyone could/should if they so desire. We are all capable of achieving anything if we put effort into it and try, which I think is one of the greatest things that I have walked away with from taking classes at ColdTowne.

Taking classes at ColdTowne has been, hands down, one of the best decisions I have made in my life in a very long time. When I was younger I had always pinned high goals for what I’d achieve by a certain age and would map out just where my life would be. Anyone who has lived life at all knows that life just never goes according to plan. All these deadlines for achievements passed as time progressed, not really due to a lack of interest, but a lack of hard driving motivation. Sitting down looking at all the things that Ididn’t do, wouldn’t change my motivation any, but it did leave me questioning “What haveI done?”. I needed to find something that would challenge me, and motivate me, and push me to keep at it that would in the end leave me feeling the satisfaction of accomplishment in the pits of “failure”. I had always been interested in improv, but it it certainly wasn’t a priority on my “to-do list of life” in the past. It had gotten to the point though where I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep spending my days wondering “What if?”. The opportunity was certainly there, and I made the bold decision to take it, bring idea into action, stop thinking it and just do it. In that decision I have no regrets whatsoever, well except maybe not deciding to do it sooner.

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