ColdTowne Theater brings two comedy delights to you this November:  Stag Comedy performing sketch on Friday’s and Miller and Purselley bringing the improv on Saturday’s.

Stag member Mac Blake tells us a little bit about their run entitled “The Jerk Parade:”

Our show is about being really, really funny. Dumb characters with real emotions, smart characters in dumb situations, and just little things that crack us up.

Almost all of our pieces’ premises could be boiled down to one sentence, like “people hate janitors”, but then we put so much emotion into it and nuanced dumb thinking that it’s not necessarily wrong. We have a lot of moments where you can look at one of our dumb characters and think, ‘well they’re not wrong but at the same time they’re so amazingly wrong.’

There’s six of us and we have a lot of different influences and likes, but I think the end result is like the best SNL show you’ll never see, minus the celebrities and bands and celebrity impressions.

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Friday, November 4th SOLD OUT!

Friday, November 11th

Friday, November 18th

Nat Miller of Miller and Purselley, two very experienced improvisers in Austin, tell us more about their Saturday night run:

For the show, when the lights come up we begin our show from that moment between two people. From that moment we tell one story, play many characters, often playing a character the other improviser has created. We try to play slow and let comedy come out of realistic situations rather than playing for jokes.

Miller and Purselley enjoy some form of human truth, bacon, and the smell of textbooks.

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Saturday, November 5th –

Saturday, November 12th

Saturday, November 19th