FestivalFestivalV2-GreenIn true Austin “The Festival Capital of The World” Texas fashion, each Saturday in December ColdTowne will host a different completely original festival! No badges required!

All shows are $7 and BYOB. See what we’re offering up below!


Dec. 7 – The Ultimate MC 2013: Hip Hop Festival (BUY TICKETS)

Festival Festival kicks off with a multi-event hip hop contest to determine who is 2013’s Ultimate MC. Contestants will perform in a series of challenges including freestyling as a character in costume, incorporating famous rap lyrics into a normal scene during the game 99 blind lines, and even a dance diamond dance-off.

Hosted by DJ Qualls! BYOGin&Juice

Dec. 14 – Slay Bells Festival (BUY TICKETS)

The evening opens with a lighthearted holiday sketch, but quickly turns to MURDER! When one jolly old soul (no spoilers) shows up dead the accusations of who-done-it begin to fly. Like a holiday themed game of Clue, the audience will decide who killed the victim in which room with which weapon.

Presented by the cast of local comedy geniuses, Lasagna.

Dec. 21 – Dysfunctional Holiday Issues Festival (BUY TICKETS)

We all have family issues, and the holidays can bring out the worst of them, but the slick images of the holiday advertisements would have us believe otherwise. Come out and enjoy an evening of digging below the surface of those heavily posed images and videos to expose the hilarious dysfunctional truth beneath. Before the show, guests may enjoy homemade cookies straight from the pages of those same advertisements.

Featuring comedy from The Keteers and Precious Dads.

Dec. 28 – ColdTowne Music Festival (BUY TICKETS)

Step aside ACL, ColdTowne Theater is hosting its own music festival. The all-star line up will include several local musical heroes: the ColdTowne Rap Tigers, Hot and Dangerous (Ke$ha Cover band), Misfolks (a folk/Misfits band), and more!

You’ll get the whole music festival experience. This includes wearing a wristband and receiving fake money which you can use to buy $9 beers (that are actually free).