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In “Behind the Music” documentary style, this completely improvised show chronicles the rise to fame and tribulations of M*Pulse, a fictionalized boy band from the early 2000’s.

The cast features five boy band archetypes – the bad boy, the cute one, the talent, the older one and the weird one (why was he in the band, anyway?). Each show concludes with a live, choreographed performance of a pop song with lyrics improvised by the cast.

Original pop tracks were scored by local musicians Ammon Taylor (ZACH, Salvage Vanguard, Paramount Theaters), Meredith Mae Roberts (ColdTowne Theater) and Andrew Basile (of the band Hill and Range).

“Putting together the cast for this show felt so much like assembling an actual boy band, so it’s pretty much a dream come true for my ten year old self. And my secretive 13 year old self…and then my 17 year old self. Look: BOY BANDS FOREVER.” – Courtney Sevener, director

“I suspect that the show’s concept began to formulate after Courtney and I made shameless assholes of ourselves in the front row of a Backstreet Boys concert. (Note: we went to a Hanson concert later that month.) I used to record TRL on my parents’ VCR to learn dances from the videos, so when Courtney approached me about choreographing the show, I jumped at the chance. The guys are incredibly committed to the project and are dead serious about getting the moves right. They will charm you. You will fall for them.” – Katie Moore, choreographer

Boy Band plays every Saturday in February at 8:30 pm. $7 and BYOB.

BUY TICKETS: Feb. 1st / Feb. 8th / Feb. 15th / Feb. 22nd