We are eight days away from the other largest comedy festival in Austin: Out of Bounds! With over 500 hundred improvisers, sketch comedians and stand ups descending on Texas in the week leading up to Labor Day, this year is another monster.

This year, OOB is bringing down some of our favorite improv troupes as headliners: the legendary Beer Shark Mice and 30 Rock’s Adsit and Lutz! Shows are happening all over Austin at venues across town, but since this is the ColdTowne website, we thought we’d clue you in to what was happening in our neck of the woods.

Friday and Saturday night, from 7pm to midnight, we’ve got incredible improv and sketch comedy troupes appearing from all over the country. We’re particularly excited about K.C. Redheart (Chicago), Old Milwaulee (Los Angeles) and a rare, home-turf ColdTowne show. Also, our friends at Mascot Wedding are doing a FREE live radio show at ColdTowne Saturday at 6pm! Oh, did we mention we’re BYOB?

In addition to all of that sweetness, many of your favorite ColdTowne Theater house troupes will be performing at the festival. In no particular order, you can see Tears But Joy, Galactic, Elevator Action, Hot Property, Magician Vs. Clown, Oh Science!, Rachel and Dave, Scout, Bad Boys, Ratliff and Jackson, Jorak and Jorak, Nice Astronaut, Sarah 7, The Team, Miller and Purselley, Midnight Society, Mike and Irene (w/ Eric Hunicutt), The Frank Mills, and Stool Pigeon (w/ special guests Adsit and Lutz)!