ColdTowne ShowDowneOver one historic weekend, eight improv teams from three different states will descend on Austin, Texas to battle for a cash prize and the rights to call themselves Best in the Southwest. It’s like Mortal Kombat, but more intentionally funny.

We’re excited to present the ColdTowne ShowDowne: A Tri-State Improv Tournament taking place Friday February 28th and Saturday March 1st.

The First Annual ColdTowne ShowDowne will pit improv teams from Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Dallas and Austin against each other in a cagematch tournament to earn the title of Best in the Southwest.

Each city will send two representative teams to ColdTowne. Over the course of two nights and eight shows, a winner will be determined based on audience and judges’ voting. The winning troupe will receive bragging rights, a one-of-a-kind framed champion poster, and a cash prize provided by ColdTowne Theater.

“I have always wanted to put together a cagematch tournament that was larger than a single improv scene,” said Cody Dearing, ColdTowne Theater’s Artistic Director. “I have been working with directors from other theaters for several months now to organize tournaments in their home cities to quality two entrants to travel to Austin for the finals. We have some of the best improv teams from surrounding states coming to compete for the title of Best in the Southwest.”


Tickets are $7 online or $10 at the door. Seating is very limited.

Friday – February 28th
8pm   (BUY TICKETS) – Nice Astronaut (AUS) vs Joey Fatone (DAL)
9pm   (BUY TICKETS) – You, Me, & Michael (PHX) vs Skutch (AUS)
10pm (BUY TICKETS) – Adult Bakery (PHX) vs Petty Zoo (DAL)
11pm (BUY TICKETS) – Ctrl+Alt+Dlt (AUS) vs The Academy (AUS)

Saturday – March 1st
8pm   (BUY TICKETS) – Winner Fri 8pm vs Winner Fri 9pm
9pm   (BUY TICKETS) – Winner Fri 10pm vs Winner Fri 11pm
10pm (BUY TICKETS) – Back From The Dead Round (6 groups that have been eliminated)
11pm (BUY TICKETS) – Finalist 1 vs Finalist 2 vs Back From The Dead Winner