1. Gym/Jams (a weekly chance to play)

2. Discounts with your Student ID

      You can see shows FOR FREE on Standby if you show your ID to the box office at any of our shows. Standby means that when a show is not sold out, you will be admitted to the theater first come, first served. Discounts do not apply to special events and festivals.  Visit our shows page to plan your visit.

     You can get 25% off at the ColdTowne MarQet on all snacks and non-alcoholic beverages during shows by showing your card.

During classes, you can make a purchase using the QR code on display and the discount code yesandknowledge. However, you will need to ask your teacher for assistance as students are not allowed behind the counter.

3. Get a commission for referring us!
ColdTowne Theater offers corporate training. We provide custom training material and entertainment for events, kick offs, retreats, orientations, and more! Refer your company to ColdTowne for our corporate offerings and receive a 10% commission. Email our Sales Director for referrals and more information.
4. Submit Show Ideas
Submissions are open! Have an idea for a show? Let us know.


If you have questions or comments about registration, payment, classes, or any other aspect of the Conservatory, you can email the Conservatory Director.

COVID-19 Protocol

For teachers and students;

If you have had COVID-19 Exposure or Potential COVID-19 Exposure

  • Stay home. Your absence will not count against you. And there will be options to make up the class.
  • Notify your teacher and the Conservatory Director ( in case they need to contact classmates about potential exposure.
  • Get tested after 5 days minimum after potential exposure and share results with your teacher and the Conservatory Director before returning to class. If you are experiencing symptoms but not yet testing positive, please retest in a couple days. 

In case of a Positive Test Result

  • Please notify your teacher immediately after a positive test if you were in a class, jam, or any community event leading up to the onset of symptoms or positive test. 
  • Follow CDC Guidelines for quarantining
  • Talk to your teacher about possible digital hybrid options for your next class. Take care of yourself, and take care of your community by preventing spread. 

Post-illness (when you can return to class)

  • If you have recovered and are now testing negative, please continue to wear a well-fitting mask in the next class if you are within the 10 day period from exposure or first symptom (CDC Guidelines).
  • As a reminder, we encourage the optional use of masks in general and usually have extra masks available in the classroom.