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Minor Dystopia, an improvised take on Black Mirror, explores the tradeoff of humanity for technology and the ripples of the ways it can go wrong. Every Saturday, this dark humorous satire will and spin twisted speculative fiction based on audience-inspired innovations and turning our fears of the modern world 2.0 on its ear.

Opens September 16



for Now


Starring familiar faces and new cast members! 

Featuring Veteran Improv Troupes: Knuckleball Now, The Cuddle Squad, and more!

Thursdays at 8:30

A Very Special Episode

Featuring: Hollywood! and Nameless
Kick off your weekend by kicking up your heels with Austin Chronicle “Best Of” nominated comedy troupe A Very Special Episode at ColdTowne Theater!

Fridays at 8:30

Oops! All Headliners.

Hosted by Yola Jean Lu

Oops! All Headliners is the best standup show in Austin you’re going to see on a Saturday night for 15 bucks on East 2nd Street. We guarantee it.     

Last Saturdays at 10:oo

prime time comedy

The Sunday Harold

Starring: All Night, All Night, All Night
The best of the best improv comedy theaters around the world perform the Harold, and ColdTowne Theater is pleased to host this evening with some of our city’s finest improv-comedians.
Sundays at 6:oo

The Rendezvous

Featuring Why Worry and I Will Repay

The Rendezvous is hour of comedy starring some of ColdTowne Theater’s brightest improv comedians. Grab an extra ticket (or two!) and call that friend you haven’t seen in a while! The Rendezvous is the perfect place to meet up this weekend!

home by nine.

 Starring: Dr. Jack and Yard Sale
“Home by Nine” is an improv show that’s at 7 p.m. the first Saturday of every month. No gimmicks. No schtick. Just a whole lot of fun. Did we mention the show’s at 7:00?


If you stumbled into the old ColdTowne Theater on the weekend, there’s a good chance you saw Loverboy and/or Midnight Society perform.
Now they’ve teamed up to co-headline the 2nd Saturday every month and bring you the comedy stylings that only they can.



THE BAT is 60 minutes of surrealist, strange comedy performed entirely in the dark. A team of ColdTowne All-Stars improvise an immersive, live radio play that will take you on an extraordinary trip to weird worlds. And when the lights come up at the end, through squinting eyes you’ll wonder “Did that really just happen??”