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Earl “Pottymouth” Arbuckle and his all-mermaid band have partnered with aerial dancers aSymmetry for a seriously sexy show about toppling toxic masculinity.

Howdy cowboys, cowgirls, and all cowfolk! Come on down to the ColdTowne Theater to check out the Texass Comedy Showcase — an inclusive night of horsin’ around with some of the funniest LGBTQ+ comedians from across the country. Did we want to fill this space with Wild West puns? Giddy-YUP. Did we run out of copy space? Also giddy-yup 🙁 Hosted by comedy cowgals, Sarah Spear and Alyssa Spatola)

June 10 at 10:oo pm

Come kick it with Sugar, Water, Purple (multiple B. Iden Payne award winning troupe) and friends as we laugh in the face of soul crushing oppression.

June 17 10:oo pm

weekly headliner comedy


for Now


Starring familiar faces and new cast members! 

Featuring Veteran Improv Troupes: Knuckleball Now, The Cuddle Squad, and more!

Thursdays at 8:30

A Very Special Episode

Featuring: Hollywood! and Nameless
Kick off your weekend by kicking up your heels with Austin Chronicle “Best Of” nominated comedy troupe A Very Special Episode at ColdTowne Theater!

Fridays at 8:30.

Stool Pigeon

Storytelling and All-Star Improv

Stool Pigeon is an hour of side-splitting, off-the-cuff storytelling and improv that’s sure to warm your soul a few degrees past its tipping point!

         Saturdays at 8:3o

prime time improv comedy

home by nine.

 Starring: Dr. Jack and Yard Sale
“Home by Nine” is an improv show that’s at 7 p.m. the first Saturday of every month. No gimmicks. No schtick. Just a whole lot of fun. Did we mention the show’s at 7:00?


If you stumbled into the old ColdTowne Theater on the weekend, there’s a good chance you saw Loverboy and/or Midnight Society perform.
Now they’ve teamed up to co-headline the 2nd Saturday every month and bring you the comedy stylings that only they can.

We’re Fine.

“The walls are closing in!”
“My bones have fallen apart!”
“The perpetual nightmare of being has consumed my ability to feel joy!”
Does this sound like you? Don’t you wish there was some relief from it all? Well, now there is!
Nihilistic improv comedy from Kinkade and folxxx. Every third Saturday at 7pm.

sunday funday


The Sunday Harold

Starring: All Night, All Night, All Night
The best of the best improv comedy theaters around the world perform the Harold, and ColdTowne Theater is pleased to host this evening with some of our city’s finest improv-comedians.
Sundays at 6:oo

Golden Hour Improv

Golden is inspired by the silent works of Charlie Chaplin and Monsieur Hulot, and films such as Metropolis, The General, Nosferatu, and Playtime. On stage, the cast improvises silent stories, exploring the wide range of tone and mood that the silent film genre brings.
1st Sundays at 7:30

Switchblade: Unsolved Conspiracies

Check out their original show “Unsolved Conspiracies” that has repeatedly and consistently cracked up the audience with its unhinged shake up of our mad world!
2nd Sundays  at 7:3o 


HYPERLINKS is quick-paced improv format, or quick as the audience wants it to be since they are the ones who will control the edit.
Anytime anyone yells the word “Click”, the players will jump to something new inspired by where they clicked. 

3rd Sunday at 7:30 pm.


Cabin Fever Comedy with Brandi Davis

Cabin Fever Comedy is a stand-up show that evokes the nostalgia of summer camp with camp themed games and jokes hotter than a campfire from some of Austin’s brightest comedy stars!
Hosted by Brandi Davis (Moontower Comedy Festival). Grab a drink from the canteen and settle in for a night full of summertime fun and lots of laughs. Every 1st Friday at 10:oo.

Lea’h Sampson presents

“Too Much”

Too Much is a night of raw adult comedy showcasing some of Austin’s best stand-up talents! Hosted by Lea’h Sampson (Moontower Comedy Festival, Comedy Central)

2nd Fridays at 10:oo

SUGAR: A Comedy Show that F@%#$

Every 3rd Friday of the month, it’s SUGAR. Come see a sweet lineup of the best comics from around the country and audience members have a chance to take home some special prizes.
Hosted by Mykal Dédé (SXSW, Skankfest, 2x Winner of Houston’s Best New Joke Contest), the show kicks off at 10pm. Grab your ticket and see you there!

The Talent Show

The Talent Show is a stand-up and variety show that transports you back to your middle-school gymnasium. Featuring some of Austin’s most polished performers and hosted by hotshot comedians Irielle Wesley and Bret VerVoort, The Talent Show is sure to entertain with gimmicks, stand-up comedy, and wacky talents.
Come shine like a star ⭐️ every last Friday at 10pm.