Special Event

You know Peter Grosz from Veep, The President Show and even Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. You know T.J. Jagodowski from the quintessential improv-comedy documentary, Trust Us, This is all Made Up.

Most Americans recognize them both from the hilarious Sonic drive-in ads that ran from 2002 – 2020.

T.J. & Pete made dozens of charming, off-the-cuff spots that made us laugh and always left you hungry for more. Well, here it is! The Sonic Guys are back together at ColdTowne Theater for one weekend only! These improv comedy giants will be featured headliners as well as guests for a handful of shows AND will teach their individual intimate improv workshops. (Tater tots not included)

What do you do when a deadly global pandemic lingers, autocrats here and abroad threaten to destroy democracy, and the planet warms to a cataclysmic point of no return? Take an improv class of course, you silly goose!

These brave souls stared straight into the looming unknown and embraced it. We invite you to attend their class showcase to witness the results of that embrace. After you can treat your friends to a drink where they’ll explain to you what “Yes, and” means. Breathe deep. It’s all going to be okay.

Main Stage Matinee

Strange things are afoot in StrangeTowne, where the community regularly congregates for town hall meetings to voice their concerns – glowing sludge coming out of the shower, pond water that makes dogs grow extra eyes, that kind of thing. The citizens of StrangeTowne build their weird world and then live in it, bringing the audience along with them.

(stream live on twitch)


ColdTowne’s Popular Stand Up Showcase is back!

LIVE AT COLDTOWNE returns with host Angelina Martin every Saturday at 10:oo PM

Welcome BACK to ColdTowne!

We invite to the all new ColdTowne Theater in East Austin!

Thursdays at 8:30, Friends For Now returns to their old Time Slot. Featuring familiar faces and new cast members! Each week special guest improv troupes open the show.

The Comedy Just Keeps Coming!

Join us each weekend for a unique and diverse all-star line-up of ColdTowne Teams and Austin Comedy Troupes.

Friday / Saturday / Sunday Nights

Austin-Travis County’s COVID-19 Community Level is currently MEDIUM. Necessary Precautions are subject to change depending on Austin’s current community Level at the time of show.

LOW: Masking is optional

MEDIUM: Masking inside is mandatory for audience members and staff but optional for performers.

HIGH: Masking inside is mandatory for audience and staff. Proof of vaccination or a negative test is required for entry. Shows could be postponed or cancelled.

COVID-19 PROTOCOL For staff and performers:

Exposure or Potential Exposure

If you feel sick, you should stay home and get tested. If you think or know you’ve been exposed to COVID-19, immediately inform your teacher or director and cast or classmates as well, so they can take necessary precautions. When you know your final test result, please share that with the group as well. If you test positive, see below. 

Positive Test Result

Please notify a staff member immediately after a positive test if you were in a show, rehearsal, class, jam, or any community event leading up to the onset of symptoms or positive test. If you can, notify your director, teacher, cast, classmates, etc that you tested positive as well. A Staff member will notify audience members, venue staff, and others who may have attended your show or event. Follow CDC Guidelines for quarantining. Talk to your teacher or director about possible digital hybrid options for your next rehearsal or class. Take care of yourself, and take care of your community by preventing spread. ColdTowne will endure. It always does. 

COVID-19 Protocol for Audience Members:

If buying tickets at the door, please leave your name and email in our guest log so we can reach out for contact tracing. 

Exposure or Potential Exposure

If you feel sick, you should stay home and get tested. If you think or know you’ve been exposed to COVID-19, please exchange or cancel your show tickets (you can do this through the confirmation email you got when you purchased your ticket or by emailing We may not catch all emails before the show but will get back to you in the next week. In the meantime, get tested or quarantine under the CDC guidelines

Positive Test Result

If you test positive for COVID-19 and you think or know you were exposed at an official ColdTowne event, please notify with the name and date of your event. Staff will notify every person at the show and you will remain anonymous.