Nice Astronaut Presents: “Back in Townsville: The Community Center.”

Here we are at Townsville’s local Community Center. Every stripe of citizen has some reason to be here, from the lowly boyscout to the towering politician. Take classes with experienced professionals, or watch lively performances. Visit the spacious library, the state-of-the-art exercise room, or the Olympic-size swimming pool. Just, whatever you do, if you see a pregnant lady pull out a knife, run away.

One of ColdTowne’s longest running improv troupes, Nice Astronaut, has built a closed-quarters sketch show detailing one afternoon at this Community Center. In the fictional small Texas town known as Townsville, folks carry a wide range of beliefs. Mr. Mayor himself has forsworn the normal municipal budget, insisting on his own odd bartering system. Local theater guru Sensei Doug believes that all the world’s a stage, even when you’re being mugged. Some citizens want to openly carry their large firearms in all public spaces. Others not so much. Developed in part from improv work, this show’s rapid pace will keep you watching as characters move through the space of the community center. From one scene to the next, their conflicts and agendas will intertwine, building to a surprise announcement.

Directed by Chris McKeever, a performer/director from the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater in New York City.

Nice Astronaut has performed at NYC’s Del Close Marathon, the Chicago Improv Festival, and Austin’s Out of Bounds Comedy Festival. They’ve taught and performed in Austin, Houston, and Pheonix. When they have the time, they sip homebrewed beer and play rare games of chance. Their late-night karaoke improv show, Improvaoke, runs once a month at ColdTowne Theater. Nice Astronauts currently include: Tim Honker, Nicole McCracken, Drew Wesley, Nathan Sowell, Joseph Dailey, Calan Lambert, and Chaz Formichella.

Oh, and you’ll be happy to see the amazing additional cast members for this show: Katie Thornton (of Braised in Texas), Arian Brumby (of What’s the Story Steve), and Brett Tribe (of Bad Boys).

Thursdays in April and Saturdays in May, 8:30pm at ColdTowne Theater!