ATTN: Friends of Austin Improv Comedy! ColdTowne Theater has done some slight schedule reordering that is taking effect during our August/September block of shows. We thought you’d like to know about it, because it means more awesome shows!

Starting in August, all of our regular improv blocks will have a consistent headlining troupes. That means that Austin’s funniest comedians will have a permanent home, joining the elite ranks of improv troupes who have held down a night on their own. (For reference, those ranks include multiple B. Iden Payne Winners the ColdTowne, Frank Mills, Parallelogramophonograph, B. Iden Payne nominees Midnight Society and Austin 360’s “Best Comedy Show” winner Stool Pigeon.)

Our new line up is below the cut!

Mike and Irene (Michael Jastroch and Irene White) are two veteran improvisers who have appeared in countless sitcoms and movies. More accurately, Irene has appeared in countless sitcoms and movies and Mike was in a commercial once. Mike and Irene perform character driven improvised comedy pieces, focusing on the absurdity of small moments, and the banality of the big ones.

Stool Pigeon
The cast of Stool Pigeon reads like a Who’s Who of ColdTowne improv, a collection of our most prodigious graduates and teachers. Each week, a special guest will be the “Stool Pigeon”. The pigeon relates several stories from their (real) life, providing a bevy of details and thematic do-dads for the others to take and run with in an all-out improv set. You never know who’s going to show up to tell stories! Definitely not one to miss. Stool Pigeon is: Cortnie Jones, Lisa Jackson, Lance Gilstrap, Ashley Nugent, Bryan Roberts, and Josh Krilov. Feature players: Jericho Thorp, Erika May, Kate Bojanek, Ben Masten, Sam Malcolm, Michael Williams, Milo Smith, Stephanie Russo.

Miller and Purselly (Nat Miller and Pierce Purselley) is a two person improv group that looks to tell a story. They explore the narratives of everyday life, concentrating on the intricacies and nuance of grounded characters and the truth of those lives in the moment. They seek the story that’s already happening on stage and follow it.

Tears But Joy  Named after a signature item on a Thai menu, Tears But Joy is comprised of graduates from Austin’s premier comedy institution, Coldtowne Theater Conservatory, and its cast list reads like a who’s who of Austin’s up and coming comedic talent. TBJ shows are always high energy, but not in a “diet pill” way…more in a “could power Ed Begley’s house” way. TBJ’s playful spirit is evident in every performance and just like that married couple everybody resents, you can tell they really enjoy being around one another.

FRIDAY NIGHTS at 8:30pm (Starting September)
Bad Boys
are a longform improvisational comedy troupe based out of ColdTowne Theater in Austin, TX specializing in a highly absurd, highly physical style. The Bad Boys have been killing it all over Austin for the last two years and are quickly gaining a reputation as one of Austin’s ballsiest troupes. Bad Boys are: Byron Brown, Danny Catlow, Adam Trabka, Brett Tribe

Frank Mills and Midnight Society Every Saturday night, the best of the very best come out to play. If you’re new to improv or ColdTowne Theater, this show is the best place to start. ColdTowne Theater comedy powerhouses Midnight Society and The Frank Mills (who between them have 40+ years of improv experience) come together every Saturday night to perform the smartest and funniest set in Austin. Smart, character driven and absurdest comedy from true masters!

Oh, Science!
is one of ColdTowne’s veteran house troupes.  Spinning strong characters, smart dialogue, and wild energy into a half-hour long-form performance, Oh, Science! will delight those looking for smart, interesting improv.  Immediately after their Sunday performance, these scientists invite their audience to join them on stage for an open improv jam, making this show ideal for anyone who wants to actually jump on stage and play!