producer & show runner policies

important contact info

Will Cleveland: Artistic Director

Carolyn Kelleher: Marketing Director

Xaria Coleman: Venue Director 

ColdTowne Tech

marketing that coldtowne does

  • Creates a Ticket Link with Information and Banner artwork
  • Prints and Distributes Show Posters
  • Posts Show to our Social Media Channels
  • Distributes a press release to Austin Chronicle and other print media
  • Includes your show in our weekly newsletter
  • Submits show to community calendars (Do512, Austin Chronicle, etc.)

marketing that the show runner does

  • Creates Show Description and Graphics for Ticket Link
  • Creates poster design (or work with a designer to create poster art)
  • Manages social media events and makes ColdTowne Theater a Co-Host
  • Creates content for sponsored ads and @TAGS ColdTowne Theater in all social media posts. 
  • On Instagram, invite @coldtownetheater as a collaborator and the post will show up on our page as well.
  • Promote in your own circles. Invite friends and family to buy tickets to your show by sharing the ticket link or telling them to go to