Every Friday at ColdTowne Theater, the improv team Movie Riot creates a never before seen movie, live on stage. However, for the month of August, Movie Riot is giving their format a little spin. An audience member suggests a movie and Movie Riot will create a spin-off. It’s called Spin-Off Summer and they’re performing it all this month. “What’s a spin-off?” the less educated among you might ask. A spin-off is a movie (or any piece of entertainment really, but we’ll stick with movies) that takes a character from another movie, and gives him/her their own film. Minions is a spin-off of Despicable Me. The spooky doll movie Annabelle was a spin-off of The Conjuring and who can forget The Rock’s first starring movie The Scorpion King? Hopefully a lot of people but it was a spin-off of The Mummy Returns.


So far in this series, Move Riot was challenged to create a spin-off to Dances with Wolves. Did you know the doctor that operated on Kevin Costner’s character was actually a time-traveller who broke down racial barriers in the South during Reconstruction? You would know that if you saw the Movie Riot original improvised movie Dances with Time Travel. Not their best title, but still a very funny show.

Movie Riot will also be performing with an impressive group of guest comedians all this month.

For the August 12th show the guests will be Lauren Knutti, Sam Eidson, and Sam Malcolm

August 19th: Sam Eidson, Sam Malcolm, and Megan Mowry

August 26th: Megan Mowry

And opening for Movie Riot all month long is the group, The Bitter Tears of Yesterday’s Tomorrow.

Save money by getting your tickets in advance and come early for FREE margaritas, popcorn, and movie candy in the lobby.