May 09 – 30 Linzy with a “Z” is a one woman sketch show starring the undeniably hilarious Linzy Beltran (Latinauts, Garage, Glam Fam) Directed by Jesus Valles and Produced by Mase Kerwick. 


May 09-June 13 “Curl Up and Dye” directed by Ronnie Miller. A salon-centered comedy exploring the wonders of female friendship and the perspective-enhancing powers of a new hairdo. Inspired by classic movies like Steel Magnolias, Beauty Shop, Shampoo, those barbershop scenes in Coming to America and that UPN show Cuts. There will be auditions for this show. 


June 06 – June 27 Drunk Conference Call is taking us on a “Corporate Retreat”. Starring Alexis Ramphul, Marc Sherman, Jason Pollard, Claire Sudolsky, Annemarie Pettinato, Jennifer Rosario. There will be Audience Participation and Mandatory Fun!


June 20-July 25 “The Rose” returns with show creator and director Mary Chauvin and producer Amy Knop. The Bachelor/ette parody was an audience favorite and instant classic in the Summer of 2018 and we’re thrilled Mary is returning to the helm of this ‘hot mess’. There will be auditions for this show.


July 11 – August 21 Porch Cat takes us to “Camp Harold” Starring Ellen Pizarek, Haley Chamblee, Kristie Denlinger, Preston Pentecost, Sebastian Elias, Shane Gannaway, Wendy Salome. I’m not really sure what this dynamic Monday Mash veteran squad has in store for us, but in the words of Bill Murray from Meatballs “It just doesn’t matter! It just doesn’t matter!”


August 01-September 26 Devon Coleman (Sugar Water Purple, Dead of Night with the Grim Reaper) directs an All-POC ensemble sketch show. Writers — submit by April 01 There will be auditions for this show.