Out of Bounds is over, but the Austin Comedy train is just getting rolling at ColdTowne Theater. This week marks the full debut of our newly revamped schedule, which includes new feature shows and marquis runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights!

We’ve got three shows debuting this week! Family Tides, our exploration of family dysfunction, begins Thursday along side the soft opening of our new monthly game show, the Game Show Show. Friday is the debut of our new mainstage sketch comedy spectacular, After School Special Victims Unit, which runs Fridays and Saturdays in September. Keep reading after the break for more information and tickets!

FAMILY TIDES (Thursday Night at 8:30pm) Watch as Family Tides takes your dysfunctional family and shows you just how funny they really are. Share your story, or just watch as others share theirs. Laugh as this mischievous group explores what it really means to be dysfunctional. Need family therapy? We’ve got couches. And popcorn.

Family Tides features a hand-picked cast of Austin’s funniest improvisers: Mac Blake, Kate Bojanek, Cody Dearing, Ashley Franks, Brad Hawkins, Lisa Jackson, Brad Temple. The cast’s experiences include MasterPancake Theater, The Mascot Wedding Show, and classes at IO Chicago, Second City, Annoyance, and of course, Coldtowne Theater.

THE GAME SHOW Show (Thursday Night at 10pm) ColdTowne Theater’s brand new game show, the aptly-named The GAME SHOW Show, is ready for a test-run pilot episode! This is not the final product, so please come out and help us evaluate our working concept. We won’t have a final set design, but we will have some great prizes to take home.

Inspired by Match Game, The GAME SHOW Show is a modern interpretation of the old classic. Six contestants will be selected from our studio audience for a chance to win some (soon-to-be) fabulous prizes, but only two will get compare wits with our panel of veteran comedians from ColdTowne Theater. Think this is just another Match Game? Think again.

The GAME SHOW Show is hosted by Nick Ramirez, with announcing from Dave Buckman. For more information about our staff, please visit our Facebook page.

AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT (Friday and Saturday at 8:30pm) Murderers and con artists. White collar fraud and suicide bombers. Bernie Madoff and Rupert Murdoch. There’s a crime wave sweeping the nation, and it has absolutely nothing to do with any of those things. The real crimes against humanity are being perpetrated every day by the very people that birthed you. Your parents are guilty of turning you into a neurotic, self-obsessed basket case with commitment issues, and you will do the same to your kids in a never ending mobious strip of dysfunction. Never fear! ColdTowne Theater is on the case.

After School Special Victims Unit blends the manic, primary-colors of children’s programing with existential sadness of parenthood to create a comedic blend of sketch comedy, music and satiric nihilism. Featuring a kids show written by phobic parents, grossly inappropriate puppets and more terrible career advice than you can shake a stick at, After School Special Victims Unit promises at least several uncomfortable moments with your mother and father.