ColdTowne Theater recently celebrated it’s 5th year as Austin’s finest Airport Boulevard comedy establishment by hosting a combination birthday party/awards ceremony celebrating the accomplishments of our community of performers over the course of the past year. There was cake, drinks, confetti, breaking glass and even our brand new adopted dolphin, Lumpy, a gift from our good friends at the Hideout Theatre. Performers, faculty and students were all recognized for their accomplishments and we were even treated to a highlight reel of show moments in a video put together by the P! Company’s own Kyle Sweeney, based on community nomination:


Check out the list below for the troupes and performers honored during the ceremony:

Outstanding Troupe: Bad Boys

Most Valuable Performer: Erika McNichol

Outstanding Teacher/Coach: John Ratliff

Outstanding Sketch Troupe: Your Terrific Neighbors

Outstanding Show Run: Slaughter Your Shorts

Outstanding New Troupe: Scout & The Team (tie)

Best Absurd Characters: Danny Catlow

The “Do Your Work Here?” Award Honoring Intern Dedication: Gil Cardenas & Tre Fuentes

Best Straight Characters: Bob McNichol

Best Laugh: Dave Buckman

Most Supportive Performer: Jericho Thorp

Most Improved Performer: Sam Malcolm

Most Underrated Performer: Ed Reed

Most Fearless Performer: Danny Catlow

You can read all about these talented performers of ours here.

Overall, the event showed how talented and supportive our community was in celebrating the last 5 years of ColdTowne Theater as well as taking the time to recognize all of the hard work put in to making you laugh. Come check us out soon!