Our final session of 2012 is starting next week! Now’s your chance to get in on Austin’s most popular improv classes before the world ends.

Our instructors have decades of professional comedy experience — touring and working with some of the biggest comedy institutions in the world — and have trained hundreds of Austin’s best improv talent. One of them was even voted BEST IMPROV INSTRUCTOR by the Austin Chronicle.

If that isn’t enough for you, this session we’re offering a money back guarantee. If you don’t love your class and have a great time, we’ll write you a damned refund check. Read more about our classes or just go ahead and register. Our classes always sell out, and there are limited spaces remaining!

This session, the unimpeachable Dave Buckman is offering up his graduate-level improv class! Keep reading, yeoman!

(Starts November 17th)
$100/4 classes or $200/8 classes

Description: You may have noticed, kind improviser, there are a significant number of improvisers in town these days. Many experienced upper level of performers don’t have opportunities to take workshops or get notes any more. This may be you. You are in a rut and haven’t felt like you have had a “good show” in months.

This class is specifically designed for experienced improvisers, graduates of Austin’s Improv Training Centers and Improv instructors. Take an honest and supportive look at your own scene work, get some good feedback and receive notes that are fair and honest, try out some new exercises and leave you feeling re-energized, focused and proud of your scene work.

You’ll see a leap in your performance abilities and tour confidence that first month; Step up your game. Hone your craft. Play with people with different levels and backgrounds with the common goal of getting better and doing something you love.

This 4 week Intensive is designed to Strengthen the skills needed by the participants of the class.

I think I have a pretty good eye for seeing missteps in improv scenes and where their blind-spots are for:

I have 20 years of exercises and teaching points already designed to help improvisers get better in these areas, as well an ability to create helpful exercises on the fly.

Please consider signing up for the next round and watch your improv skills and self-awareness improve in just a few weeks time.

You must have completed classes at ColdTowne, The Institution, Merlin Works, New Movement or The Hideout Theater to take these classes.

Who can get better? Everyone!

The fact that this is a chance to get right to what each individual can work on right away is unique and valuable. I haven’t taken another class where I immediately benefited so much. Also, the opportunity to perform a show at the end was a great opportunity to apply the lessons to non laboratory conditions!“-“-Kristin Henn

If you seek penetrating, insightful, and crystal-clear notes on your scene-work and your individual strengths and weaknesses as a performer, Buckman is your man.“-Alex Baia

Dave helped me pinpoint problems I was having and provided the perfect exercises to address those sticking points.
-Mark Carpenter, Opposites (TNM)

Dave doesn’t just teach at you. He finds interesting and new ways to get things into your bones, so that you feel it. And that’s more valuable than a million little improv tools.”
-Erik Heiberg, Improv for Evil

I’m pretty sure Dave has never seen me perform other than those few hours of his workshop – but he was able to identify key tendencies of mine that were hindering my improv and target them with drills and discussion. I am so excited to apply my new-found perspective to the rest of my improvisational life. He walked me through my own thought process, invited me to explore other ideas, and then gave me the support I needed to feel comfortable when attempting new territory in my scenes. Awesome. I watched my improv and the improv of my fellow classmates improve two-fold. It was inspiring and spectacular.
-Ruby Willmann, the Escorts (Hideout)

Dave is so encouraging and masterful at explaining things. I felt challenged, free to fail, and fully supported every session. The guy is like a laser beam of positive energy.
Mac Blake, Writer/Performer, Mascot Wedding Show KOOP 91.7fm, STAG Comedy

Dave is one of the most inspirational, grounded instructors in town and probably the most qualified professional improviser period.
Andy Crouch, Education Director/Theater Manager/Artistic Director, The Hideout Theater, Maestro

DAVE BUCKMAN, was a director for Amesterdam’s Boom Chicago (1999-2002), The Second City (2002-2004) and ColdTowne Theater (2006-present). While there, Dave has have Asst. Directed, Co-written, Performed in and Directed Live sketch and improvisational Productions with Seth Meyers, Ike Barinholtz, Jordan Peele, John Lutz, Mick Napier, Maribeth Monroe, Stephnie Weir and Jason Sudeikis and dozens more whose faces you know but don’t know by name.(SNL, MAdtv, 30 Rock, Funny Or Die and much much more). In 2002, he culminated his run in Europe with directing “Boom Chicago: RockStars” only the second stage-swap with The Second City’s Main Stage in its 50+ year history. Since 2005, Dave has been living in Austin, TX with wife and creative partner Rachel Madorsky, teaching and performing with their award-winning troupe The Frank Mills. He also produces The Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival, Ladies are Funny Festival and Austin SketchFest. Dave has won two B. Iden Payne Awards for Excellence in Improvisational Theater, one with The Frank Mills in 2006 and one separately in 2008. He was also chosen as the AIC’s “Best Teacher” in 2007. In 2009 and 2010 he directed the B. Iden payne Awards ceremony. The Frank Mills have been awarded “Best Troupe” by the AIC in 2006 and 2008 and won Best of The Fest from The Frontera Festival in 2007. Dave has also appeared in several short and feature films. One short, “Make-A-Wish” and one feature “Ultimate Guide to Flight” were both accepted into the Austin Film Festival in 2011. He also appears in viral video marketing campaigns for Whole Foods Grande Communications and Bicycle Playing Cards.