Thursdays at 8:30 in September, Coldtowne Theater wants you to bring your baggage. Watch as Family Tides takes your dysfunctional family and shows you just how funny they really are.  Share your story or just watch others share theirs.  Laugh as this mischievous group explores what it really means to be dysfunctional.  Need family therapy?  We’ve got couches… and popcorn.

Family Tides features a hand-picked cast of Austin’s funniest improvisers: Mac Blake, Kate Bojanek, Cody Dearing, Ashley Franks, Brad Hawkins, Lisa Jackson, and Brad Temple.  The cast’s experiences include Master Pancake Theater, The Mascot Wedding Show, and classes at IO Chicago, Second City, Annoyance, and of course, Coldtowne Theater.  Thursdays in September, come see why dysfunctional is the new functional.

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