We’re excited to announce our 2014 Mainstage Seasona collection of shows featuring unique concepts and high production value.  Dig up all those acorns you buried, scarf them down with your breakfast tacos, and immediately go into hibernation so that 2014 can get here faster.

To guarantee that you get to see all of these shows (as well as any other 2014 ColdTowne show) you can purchase a 2014 GOLDEN TICKET – an all-access pass which gains you entry into any show all year long with the ultimate VIP treatment (a bag of delicious popcorn). There are a limited number available for purchase.

ColdTowne Theater is Austin’s only entertainment option, with improv, sketch and stand up shows seven nights a week, featuring local Emmy award winning talent and the hardest working moms in show business.

2014 Season Preview

Beware of Female Spies
Directed by Seth Johnson, Katie Thornton & Emma Holder

Inspired by spy capers like Archer, Get Smart, and Veronica MarsBeware of Female Spies will follow a whip-smart female agent as she battles both evil geniuses trying to destroy the world and lackluster coworkers trying to undermine her every step of the way.

Boy Band
Directed by Courtney Sevener
Choreography by Katie Moore

Move over, Backstreet Boys. Bye, Bye, Bye, ‘N Sync. There’s a new boy band on the block. Armed with a potential recipe for success, watch as a group of aspiring young heartthrobs (and the weird one) strive to gyrate their way to the next level, write the smash hit, and discover what it means to be number one.

The Barmando
with Precious Dads

Improv troupe Precious Dads recruits Austin’s favorite bartenders to tell true stories from their days behind the bar. Precious Dads then uses those stories as inspiration for an improvised comedy show. Come early to try out the complimentary featured cocktail curated by each week’s bartender.


The PSA Wrestling Federation
Directed by Lance Gilstrap
Produced by Cody Dearing

Six of America’s most beloved professional wrestlers lead double lives outside of the ring as the Slam Team Six; an elite group of secret government agents who use their wrestling prowess to fight crime, help children, and protect the environment. Pro-Wrestling. Anti-Terror.

Back in Townesville
Sketch comedy by Nice Astronaut

Upon second glance, the township of Townesville is full of overworked grifters, gluttons for punishment, and the less-than-stable cat lady. Nice Astronaut presents a close quarters sketch comedy show centered around the community center in fair old Townesville, interweaving citizens young and old, moral and immoral, psychic and psycho.

Bridgeport Correctional Facility Short Form impromptu Skit Players
Directed by Erika McNichol

Returning to Austin after a 7 year hiatus, the ladies of Bridgeport Correctional Facilty bring their unique take on short form improvisation to the ColdTowne stage for a limited engagement in June.

From the original Bridgeport Correctional Facilities appearance in 2007
From the original Bridgeport Correctional Facilities appearance in 2007

Late Night Down
Directed by Lance Gilstrap

Daniel Ravenwood isn’t just America’s favorite late night talkshow host, he is also a seven time recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He’s helped defend our country against everything from Aliens to Dinosaurs to Alien Dinosaurs, but when he’s called to duty, the show must go on without him.

Improv Fantasy League

Our signature Summer event returns. Veteran comedic talent will be drafted alongside our improv students to compete against each other in a month long improv tournament that features live commentary, free agents and pre-show tailgating.

Live From ColdTowne It’s Saturday Night!
Directed by Frank Netscher

Weekly sketches and improvised behind-the-scenes cast meetings are showcased in this tribute to the classic show Saturday Night Live.

live from coldtowne

The Organ Trail
Directed by Cody Dearing

As if snake bites and dysentery weren’t enough to worry about, in this highly interactive (and highly bloody) live simulation of the game “The Organ Trail”, a zombie version of the game “The Oregon Trail”, audience members will attempt to survive a cross country trip in their trusty station wagon to a safe zone in Seattle. Along the way the audience will help by making crucial decisions, participating in hunting and scavenging challenges, and – if worst comes to worst – making a tombstone for the friend they brought to the show.

Pilgrims Are From Mars
Sketch by Wink Planet

An examination of the psyche of pilgrims in the way past, near past, and near future who left everything in pursuit of Fame? Fortune? Religion? Anything to avoid the tedium of a 9-5. Now they just want to make you laugh and avoid killing their friends during this long long winter.


Festival Festival

Every Saturday in December is host to different festivities. We’ll let our wonderfully talented community of performers run wild with ideas for experimental shows, special themed events, and other holiday dysfunction to assure that everyone gets their holiday wishes. Unless you’re bad…if you’re bad you still get a lump of Kohls.