This Friday night, #IFL2012 continues with a three way grudge match between The Immutably Misanthropic McMeullers of Middle Ridgetop,  The Murchison Middle Schoolers, and  The Bee Cave Honey Boo Boo Children of Str8 Death!

The winner will move on to the Semi-Finals on August 18th. The runner up will be in the running for a wild card spot, assuming they can get more votes than last week’s runner up, The Congress Bats.

We sat down with team captain Brad Knox, cyborg-robot scientist and two time level 6 graduate, to discuss The Immutably Misanthropic McMeullers of Middle Ridgetop’s strategy going into tomorrow’s match.

Greetings team captain! You’re about to dive head first into one of improv’s oldest and most valuable traditions: meaningless competition and stupid bits. What made you get started at ColdTowne in the first place?
I saved up money for lessons. It was gonna be either piano or improv. My last piano instructor recommended improv.

What are the challenges facing your team as you move into the preliminary rounds?
Mostly focus. There are a lot of distractions in IFL. I’ve instituted a strict “no alcohol, no sex” rule for the 24 hours before our show.

How do you expect your team to fare? What do you expect from the other teams in terms of competition?
Judging by the names of other troupes, there’s only a few that need paying attention to. If our team keeps their head straight, keeps our privates to ourselves, we’ll have no problem walking right into the finals.

Any words of inspiration for your teammates?
Remember the McMuellers family motto.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Mitt Romney 2012