iO Chicago super group 3033 is coming to Austin for two shows at ColdTowne Theater. Widely regarded as one of the best improv groups on the planet, 3033 consists of veteran Chicago improvisers Bill Arnett, Alex Fendrich, Rush Howell, Danny Mora, and Andy St. Clair. This show is not to be missed!

From the Chicago Reader: “A comedy supergroup consisting mainly of former members of People of Earth, 3033 creates some of the liveliest, most consistently solid improv around. Members Andy St. Clair and Alex Fendrich have been highlights of recent Second City E.T.C. shows; Rush Howell, a lawyer by day, is one of the scene’s wittiest performers; and Bill Arnett and Danny Mora are personable comedians with off-beat senses of humor. Unlike most troupes at iO, 3033 doesn’t stick with the Harold improv format. Instead, they play it loose, letting an audience suggestion and Jason Chin’s playful music and light effects steer them. At a recent show the topic of gangs inspired a hilarious 70s-era game show.

Tickets Here.

Workshops from 3033 are $40 each OR $100 for three. Please indicate which workshops you plan on taking if you register for three!


Bill Arnett
Playing to Win
Saturday, August 25th 3:30-5:30
Playing the show to win – Listening to your scene partner is easy a simple concept. What about listening to your show partners? Our job isn’t over when our scene ends, we have to keep playing the show. For the intermediate and/or advanced player.

Bill Arnett is the current Director of the Training Center for the iO Theater. He has traveled around the U.S. and internationally teaching workshops in improvisation. Bill also writes and performs with the award-winng skech group Maximum Party Zone. He can be seen in Chicago where he performs with “Armando Diaz Show” and with “3033″. He’s excited to be back in G’ville working with the GIF and Theater Strike Force!

Danny Mora
Saturday, August 25th 1:15-3:15
Have you ever found yourself stumped in a scene by a choice you weren’t expecting? In this workshop we’ll work on ways to develop a mindset that looks at each of those situations like a golden opportunity. Once you’ve mastered that skill, you’ll be unstoppable! My workshop is beginning to intermediate.

DANNY MORA, a Florida alumnus, has been a part of Theater Strike Force since the early 90′s and was a founding member of TSF’s Sunday Group. He also marched five years as a member of The Pride Of The Sunshine (UF’s band). He performs weekly in Chicago at the iO theater with Deep Schwa and 3033.

Rush Howell
Scene Work Assault
Saturday, August 25th 1:15-3:15
Sometimes in improv scenes “play fast” and “listen” aren’t the best of friends. This workshop will focus on techniques you can use to play with force without being a ball hog. My workshop is beginning to intermediate.

Rush Howell, from Atlanta, has been improvising in Chicago since 2000. He has been a part of the highly successful shows The Subject and Cuffed, a weekly Law and Order-styled improvised T.V. show. His love of improv is only surpassed by his love of board games and Roger Federer.

Andy St. Clair
Active listening
Saturday, August 25th 11:00am – 1:00pm
Listening is more than hearing. You do have to hear, but it is also processing and acting on the information you hear. This workshop will get you listening and reacting more effectively. For the intermediate and/or advanced player.

A veteran of the Second City Mainstage, Andy is currently traveling the country as the host of T.V.’s Treasure Hunters Roadshow. Let him take a look at that old broach your grandmother left you! He can be seen performing in Chicago with the Armando Diaz show and with 3033.

Alex Fendrich
Saturday, August 25th 11:00am-1pm
We’ll go to the places where anything can happen – the beginning of a show; a moment toward the top of a scene; we’ll locate and dive into the areas of the unknown that are most fruitful, where planning falls away. Although we will do group work, scene work will be emphasized. Find new people to play with or sign up as an existing ensemble. For the intermediate and/or advanced player.

Alex teaches and performs in Chicago. He has performed with People of Earth, Atlantis, The Second City etc and currently performs regularly with Chicagoland at the Annoyance theatre and 3033 at IO Chicago.