Maybe you’ve seen a few improv shows and thought, “I could do that.” (Spoiler alert: you’re right.) And sure, it looks like it might be fun. But signing up for a class seems like a big commitment. What if you sign up and then find out you don’t like it? If only there were some way you could test-drive these ColdTowne Conservatory classes that all the kids are talking about.

Well, you can! At 7pm every other Monday, ColdTowne fires up Improv 101, a FREE class that lets you see what all the noise is about . . . without having to pay us a dime. Taught by members of the ColdTowne Conservatory faculty, Improv 101 is pretty much exactly what you’ll encounter in your first Level One class. That means a warmup, some games, some discussion of the basic principles of improv, and — yes — some stage time!

At ColdTowne we believe that best way to learn improv is to do improv, so we get you up and playing right from the start. Not only does this make for better improv . . . it’s more fun. And fun is the operating principle here, people. So come check it out. It’s fun and FREE. How can you go wrong?

NOW WEEKLY!  That’s right! We’re offering free introductory classes every other Monday from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. at ColdTowne Theater.